Has it been a year already?

Judging by the silence of my blog you can probably guess that busy work and mom life have taken over my time since my maternity leave ended. I am not even going to start with the cliché that time flies and babies get big too fast. It just does, and […]

About 6 Months Ago..

I wanted to write a reflection on my breastfeeding journey, as well as my six months of motherhood. It’s been a point of major struggle, pride, exhaustion and happiness.  I want to write this for myself, but for other mothers of who may share some of my experiences.  Hopefully some […]

Mama Me Oh!: My Childbirth Experience

September 28th. Dennis and I have been discussing about our birth plans in case I deliver within the week. I was already considered full term at 39 weeks and I can pop out the baby anytime. As much as possible, I don’t want to get epidural or any pain killers […]

We Are Expecting: Autumn 2015

When Dennis and I got engaged in 2013 we’ve decided to have a family as soon as possible. We were both in love and happy and knew that if it happened it was meant to be. We wanted to have a baby since the day we first met, but I […]

Status: Married

A friend once told us that he is not ready to get married yet.  Whoever is anyway?  Nobody is ever ready or know the full concept of anything until one take that first major step.  And then some say it gets easier after that.  We will see.  After all, relationship […]

Pork Menudo 1

Menudo is a pork stew combined with vegetable and spices. It is one of the most popular dish in the Philippines. Eventhough it takes time to prepare the ingredients because of all the chopping and slicing, the cooking process is easy since all you have to do is dump everything in. […]

Report of Marriage at the Philippine Embassy in The Hague, NL 5

I’m sure a lot of people are unaware of this step, that includes me. When Dennis told me about it, I was surprised coz I didn’t know that such thing exists. It was a bit hassle, though, but in reality, doing this can and will save you from trouble later […]

Belgium: A Holy Pilgrimage for Beer lovers

This is what I noticed about Belgians, Europeans in general, and alcohol: they drink to enjoy it, not just to get drunk. They don’t use it as a tool to “somehow” forget their personal problems. It’s more of enjoyment and appreciation of the drink than getting wasted. I only get […]

And We Said ‘I Do’ Again

Dennis and I have been discussing of renewing our vows in the Philippines on 2016. Since my side of the family wasn’t able to attend our wedding in The Netherlands, he thought of doing “And We Said ‘I Do’ Again”. This involves the traditional church wedding wherein the “bride” will […]

PHOTOBLOG: Hong Kong Day Four (2010)

** Nan Lian Garden, Ngong Ping 360/Village, Mongkok 6:00 AM – Gising! 8:00 AM – MTR to Diamond Hill (for Nan Lian Garden experience) 9:00 AM – Nan Lian Garden 10:00 AM – MTR to Tung Chung 11:00 AM – Ngong Ping 360 Experience / Lunch 3:00 PM – Walk […]