Palawan: Philippine’s Last Frontier

2012 has been a dull month for me in terms of travel. I wasnt able to join my college friends Palaui escapade on March and my Coron Adventure was cancelled on July.




So finally, come September, my blues got blown away.

8:10AM. Touchdown at Puerto Princesa airport.  We have to wait for 10mins or so for our pick-up. Pick up was arranged by our guest house, they offered it for free, btw. After 15mins drive, we arrived at Tres Pension House (

Tres Pension House is a good choice when in Puerto Princesa. It’s close to everything, it’s new, clean and yet very affordable. It has been the #1 choice in So yeah, hannapots recommends this place 🙂



The exterior. Feels like home with all those trees surrounding the guest house


Tres Pension’s check in time is 1pm, so obviously super aga namin. We went to Badjao Seafront Restaurant for our lunch.



Lakas maka-katutubo


Being surrounded by mangroves, this outdoor restaurant isvery relaxing with just the right amount of wind blowing over from the water.


The food was just...ordinary.

The food was just…ordinary.


However, the service was poor and the food wasn’t anything that special and if it wasn’t for the most amazing view and the quirky way of getting to the restaurant then this place would have been a real down.

The restaurant is a bit off the main road so I would recommend that guests to arrange transport prior to coming here. You could ask a tricycle to pick you up after your meal or be prepared walk about half a kilometer. One-way fare via tricycle is 80 pesos.

Puerto Princesa has a lot to offer in its city tour. 600 per head is not a waste of money at all. From Crocodile Farm to Mitra Ranch down to Bakers Hill. Unfortunately, we missed out “Binuatan Weaving” . No entrance fee needed, FYI.

Mitra ranch

Mitra ranch


You can do the City tour either on your first day (when your flight is early), or last day (when your flight is in the afternoon). This city tour took place on our first day since we arrived very early in the morning, and it’s only half day.

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