KGSP: 자기소개 (Self Introduction) 1

To some an achievement would mean an award or an accomplishment they could be proud of.  An achievement for me goes beyond that idea.  My biggest achievement is the comfort I gave to my parents during and after college years.

My 26 years of existence in this world has been reasonably good.  Being the eldest child in the family, I grew up achieving much in life. I’ve inherited my mom’s aptitude and my dad’s positive outlook.

My rearing years were the usual.  I wake up in the morning go to school, then come back home. I loved studying as a child, to the point that I would wake up my mom late at night to ask her to review my daily lessons. I ended up achieving the First Honorable Mention award when I graduated in Primary School.

My parents yearned that I continue my secondary education in Quezon City Science High School; however I had to settle on a public school as my family were financially unstable that time. Briefly, I was again the typical studious student during high school and soon graduated with 8th Honorable Mention.

Soon after, I found myself studying in this red and white university located in Recto Manila. I had been a university scholar during college bearing in mind that my parents would find it difficult to recompense my college education.  Gaining such is not an easy task as it entailed me to work hard to maintain a GPA of 2.0 every semester.  Also, I had been very participative to co/extra-curricular activities.  During my early years in college, I participated on several Intercollege competitions. I also became the AVP for Promotions on our University’s’ most-awarded Student Organization, the Computer Students Society (COMSSO).

When I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, I immediately look for a job to attend the financial needs of my family. I became a Level 2 Technical Support for an IT company based in the US. After almost 2 years of working directly with people in diverse professional settings, I seek to leverage my experience in an IT Network/ Technical or Desktop support position. Ideally, the position will allow me the opportunity to utilize my experience gained as a Technical Support. I resigned my post and try my luck at Infosys, an Indian company. I am working as a Senior Process Executive – MIS for Cisco Systems and the years I’ve spent with the company has been challenging yet fruitful. My hard work had pay off anyways, for I received several recognitions from the Company.

I have always been fair, honest, and logical. Born as a natural  leader, I’ve put up a good reputation and earned the respect of other people. I never give up and have always aspired to succeed in life. I’m rational enough to see every part of a problem and am great at giving other people advice. I am well rounded, with a complete perspective on life. I am solid and dependable. I am loyal, and people can count on me. At times, I can be a bit too serious and tend to put too much pressure on myself.

I am friendly, charming, and warm. I get along with almost everyone as I work hard not to rock the boat. My easy going attitude brings people together.  At times, I can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, I pull it together.

I live a challenging life and through the years I have expected this kind of life and have learned to love it.  However the world may change, I’d always and will still be my parent’s good daughter, the scholar, the AVP, the good friend and person who’d touched the lives of others and inspire them.

The biggest achievement I consider may sound poles apart to the ideal achievements others may regard as.  But it is in the inexplicable feeling I get during heart-to-heart talks I have with my mom, how thankful she is with the ease I was able to give to her and my dad.  My family would always be of greatest significant to me as I value them greatly.  And my mom’s sincere and positive receptions would forever be the invaluable and priceless to me.

Getting a Master’s Degree would not only assist me with my career, but it will also open my eyes to a lot of new areas of Information Technology that I had not touched on in my BSCS. It will help me to get me a good start on the advanced topics in the IT field. Moreover it will help me understand different kinds of programming and application areas available out there.



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  • Xhe Fuertes

    Hi I just read your post about KGSP. I’m actually planning to apply this year. But I just have a question regarding the GPA since we’re not using 4.0 scale. If we can’t get a grade conversion certificate, can we just google it? Do I also have to print the conversion table I used and show the computation? May I know how did you do this ma’am? Sorry I’m really confused on what to do. Hope you can help me. Thank you 🙂