KGSP: 학업계획 (Study Plan)

First I would like to express my appreciation for this opportunity to apply for KGSP scholarship. I am a graduate of University of the East holding a degree in Computer Science.

Computers have held a life-long fascination for me. What started as an interest in just using them developed into a growing desire to understand how a collection of simple ideas and components can interact to produce an entity as complex and adaptable as a computer.

Computers are becoming increasingly important in our everyday lives and I am excited by the fact that I could be at the forefront of the next generation of computer technologies. The decision to take computer science was therefore a simple one.

I was ten years old when I first laid my hands on a computer. During high school, I was fascinated with the internet and how it works. Since that moment, my attachment towards computers grew intensely and I dreamed of becoming some important person in the field of computers.

I am furthering my knowledge of Internet programming by learning HTML in my spare time using online resources. Soon thereafter, designing and building websites started as a hobby. Despite of many countless times sitting in front of the computer screen trying out figure how to solve a problem, those “Aha” moments were more precious and exciting for me.

I look forward to studying other programming languages at degree level, particularly fully object oriented languages, and I have already started to explore this area by teaching myself VB.Net. I also hope to deepen and expand my knowledge of computing into areas which I have no formal experience of studying. For example, I am eager to learn about artificial intelligence and the mathematical foundations of computing. A computer science degree will provide me with a broad range of exciting career opportunities and I am particularly interested in using the skills gained at university in either research or industry.

I am a very determined and self-motivated person, and once I have set myself a goal, I will strive to achieve it. I earnestly look forward, then, to a promising career in the computer-field and hope my studies at university will be productive both to me and to the large community of which I am a part, as I believe it to be an extremely dynamic and versatile area of work, with many exciting opportunities. I bring along an aptitude for teaching and team work, a zest for challenges and an enthusiastic desire to learn all I can. I would like to take with me, in addition to knowledge of Computers, a network of strong and lasting relationships with my teachers and fellow-students.

If awarded this scholarship, I can fulfill my aspirations, and this scholarship will literally be the gift that keeps on giving.  Furthermore, I believe that my studies would assist me in achieving these goals that I dream to make them true in future at your foremost university.

Now I submit my application with full confidence in the hope of winning a favorable permit. I hope to encounter new opportunities, make new friends and rise to the challenge. Many thanks for your kind consideration!



About Hanna

I’m a 20-something Pinay, wife of a Dutch guy with interest in traveling and photography. I usually blog about my daily encounters and make it as interesting as possible. I also like to read books and eat a lot of mangoes.

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