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Visited Hong Kong Disneyland with my college friends on August, 2010 (yeah i know, this post is so outdated!! šŸ˜€ ) We were only in HK for 4 days and we chose Disneyland over Ocean Park.


Pearl, me, Grace and Ailene


Since I haven’t been to any other Disneyland, I had nothing to compare this one to. As a child I always dream of seeing the world of Disney: Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Minnie and Mickey Mouse! Little did I expect that this dream of mine would be fulfilled 17 years later. As I entered through the magical gates of Disneyland, the melodious music of Disney’s all time classics transported me to my childhood. I felt as if I was 7 again and suddenly felt nothing but Mickey, Minnie and Snow white around me.

Getting there is easy on the MTR since Disney has it’s own line running from Sunny Bay to the Disney Resort MTR Station just a couple of minutes walk from the park.The windows are in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head, and every C-shaped seat ends in a glass display case with a Disney character inside. The ride was comfy and cool.

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I would recommend buying tickets online as it is a bit cheaper, and if your not staying inside Disneyland resort you should leave EARLY because the trains going to the park can get very very busy and it can be a bit of a headache.

Anyway, upon alighting at the dedicated Disney Train station, we were greeted by greenery with pavilions and kiosks done Disney-style.

After a considerable walk and tons of picture-taking, we entered the main avenue. The place is divided into 4 attractions: Adventureland, Mainstreet, FantasyLand, and TomorrowLand.


Mickey Mouse show - A must see!!

Mickey Mouse show – A must see!!


We visited the FantasyLand first. That’s where the castle of Sleeping Beauty, Carousel of Cinderella, and Snow White’s Grotto are found. We then watched the Mickey show after exploring the place.

We left FantasyLand for a while and transferred to AdventureLand- Tarzan’s Tree House and Jungle River Cruise Attractions are here.

Then to the TomorrowLand! This is where the rides are found.

The place was very easy to navigate, thanks to the park’s map provided by the park authorities and the helpful nature of all the stall and shop owners. Despite knowing little English, they tried their best to keep us guests and visitors comfortable.

disney1 disney2 disney3
A must watch is the Parade in Fantasy land outside the Cinderella Castle at 3:30 pm. All the disney characters will come out in colourful costumes and lots of singing and dancing which is pure joy to watch.

If you are in HK and have the time, you should really check this place out, atleast once! The magical experience is all worth it. šŸ˜‰



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