Self Studying Dutch A1

Goedemorgen mensen!

As I’ve mentioned before in my other post , I have a Dutch Exam to pass soon (exact date will be a secret for now in case I will fail :-p). I have been motivated to focus more in reviewing since I got back from my vacation in Netherlands.

Aside from the Naar Nederland book that Dennis brought me when he came here for vacation last year, he also bought me Van Dale’s Nederlands/Engels and Engels/Nederlands Pocketwoordenboek (dictionary) which I brought back to PH to help me enhance my dutch vocabulary. I also found other resources online that could help me pass the exam. That includes Ad Appel’s website which is indeed very helpful. It has many free lessons to study on and exercises as well.

Looking at the sample exam, it is NOT very easy as I first assumed it would be. I thought I’ve learned enough already, but when I took Ad Appel’s sample exam in GBL I received a failing mark šŸ™ All in all, I realized that knowing MORE is always better and that practice makes perfect.

Anyway, my husband is always there whenever I ask assistance from him. We have been practicing during my free time (since I work in a rotating shift, full time) and he has work too. Good thing that he can sometimes work from home so we always grab that opportunity to study via Skype everytime he works at home.

We’ve been focusing more in the TGN (Toets Gesproken Nederlands) part which test your Dutch speaking ability. I have always had difficulty pronouncing the “Sch” “Uu” “Ui” and “Eu” sounds. I’m happy that my husband never looses his patience on me, which really inspires me to do better in the exam.

This weekend I will dedicate my time to practice the GBL, and start a bit with some KNS. ^_^



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