And We Said “I Do”

One couple. One vow. One fine wedding day.

I am finally sharing a post about our wedding day! I know it was a few months ago, but things have just been so crazy for me..with all these Dutch studies while working.. Geezz!!

Two months ago, Dennis and I commenced on this journey called marriage. We only had few weeks to plan it. I’ve been sharing all the ideas I found online to him to help him with the planning. It was just the two of us who planned pretty much everything! From the venue, to the food down to the music playlist. No wedding planner, no DJ, none at all! Finding time for us to plan and celebrate a wedding was not an easy job. But hey, we made it happen, and it was truly the happiest day of our lives so far.

Before all of these took place, there are a lot of paper works to be done. Here are the timelines:

Feb. 14 – Schengen visa granted to me
Feb. 18 – Hubby found out that we can marry in NL during my tourist stay via M46 process.
Feb. 20 – Online process of obtaining necessary documents in PH (NSO of CeNoMar and birth certificate)
Feb. 24 – Hubby informing the Foreign Police (vreemdelingdienst) about our intention to get married.
Feb. 26 – Legalizing papers at Department of Foreign Affairs (red ribbon request)
Mar. 20 – Received a positive response from the Foreign police that we could get married!
Mar. 31 – Went to NL Embassy in PH to legalize my Red ribboned papers but was advised to get the original copy of my birth certificate since the NSO copy was not clear.
Apr. 2 – Went to QC Civil registry to get a copy of my BC. Copy was given the next day.
Apr. 3 – Called NL embassy and set up an appointment again. I was told by the embassy officer that the only available date is Apr. 15.
Apr. 15 – Appointment day. Visited NL embassy again and request to legalize my BC
Apr. 25 – Legalized papers sent at home ^_^
Apr. 28 – Arrival in The Netherlands.
Apr. 29 – Went to hubby’s town hall (Gemeente) and enter into “ondertrouw” (intent to marry). We can now get married in two weeks
May 14 – Wedding day!!!

Anyway, our wedding was just simple — far from the vision of bridal bliss I grew up with in the Philippines. The weather gave in to our wishes because it was a fine, sunny afternoon. We had our hair done at a salon near his place, then his sister picked me up to go to the city where they will do my make up while Dennis went to A.C. de Boer to get our wedding cake.


Our civil wedding was held in the wedding hall of the City of Alkmaar. Netherlands doesn’t recognized church wedding, FYI. Couples must be married first in the city hall then they can choose to get married again via religious one. Anyway, civil weddings in Netherlands is pretty much the same in PH except that the Registrar is the one officiating the ceremony. The family/guest book where our wedding information was written were noted by the Registrar as well. It only took more or less 20 minutes for the ceremony to finish.

When we went outside the hall, we heard people cheering us on the street. Some even shouted “gefeliciteerd!!” (congratulations in Dutch) and taking pictures of us in the TukTuk. Yeah, you read it right, TukTuk is what we used as our wedding car.

Going to the reception was a bit of a challenge, though. Since TukTuk have no doors, we can feel the cool breeze even if it’s sunny. Good thing that the driver has a cape and he let me borrow it during the trip. We have to make some stops along the way, too, so the photographer can take a picture of us with some nice background.

Indeed, love is in the air on that day. I can say that on our wedding day I am absolutely sure that this is the man that I’m not only head over heels for, but also a man that I can share a bathroom with without feeling embarrassed. These things matter when you’re 60, wearing dentures, and already on menopausal stage. He makes me laugh like no one else can, he picks me up when I am down, he supports every single one of my dreams, he spoils me, he challenges me, he is everything I could have ever asked for in a husband! To put it simply, marrying him means teaching myself what it means to love intentionally and unconditionally. And it’s freaking awesome! I know that there will be so many great days to come, since our wedding day was only the start of our forever.


Thank you to our guests for sharing that special day with us. You have all played a very special role in our lives. From our family to our friends, new and old, each of you have touched our lives in some significant way, shaping us as individuals. We would like to thank you all for celebrating with us (physically and overseas)as we joined our hearts and souls on this special occasion to share in the joy of our marriage. We would especially like to thank our parents for giving us life, love, and opportunity, and for ALWAYS supporting us wherever our dreams have taken us.






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