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After passing the Basisexamen Inburgering Examen (Dutch Civic Integration Exam), I am now faced with another paperworks to be done. Before 1 June 2013, everyone who needed a provisional residence permit (MVV) to enter the Netherlands had to apply for it outside the Netherlands and then, on their arrival, apply separately for a temporary residence permit in order to stay there.

Now, you (or a sponsor in the Netherlands) can apply for an MVV and residence permit in a single application via the Entry and Residence Procedure (TEV). If you don’t need an MVV, you can apply for the residence permit in your home country (or your sponsor can apply in the Netherlands) through the TEV procedure or through an IND desk in the Netherlands.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not require an MVV (provisional residence visa) when: (1) You currently hold a (valid) residence permit for the Netherlands or (2) you have the nationality of one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, United States of America and Vatican City.

Papers/documents needed can be seen below:

Sponsor documents:

– Original Gemeentelijke Basisadministratie (GBA)
– Copy every pages of passport
– Signed letter of guarantee
– Copy of single statement/marriage certificate if you are married
– Proof of income: Payslips for the last 3 months
– Certificate of insurance
– Wage Tax Statement
– Work contract
– Employer Statement
– Complete mvv application form

Partner documents:

– Copy every pages of passport
– Birth certificate
– Copy of single statement/marriage certificate if you are married
– Copy of passed integration test certificate

Your application is reviewed (this can take up to 90 days), then if you are granted an MVV you go to the local consulate in your home country to pick it up. If you are granted a residence permit then you collect it in the Netherlands at the IND after your arrival. It says you don’t even need an appointment to collect the residence document at the IND. By the way, the residence permit can be granted for up to 5 years.

My hubby applied for it the next day after he learned that I passed the exam. Last Saturday, August 16, he received a mail from the IND asking him to pay for the visa. He paid it immediately, and hopefully in the next 2 weeks we already received a positive response so we could go ahead and book that one-way ticket going to Netherlands. ^__^

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