And We Said ‘I Do’ Again

Dennis and I have been discussing of renewing our vows in the Philippines on 2016. Since my side of the family wasn’t able to attend our wedding in The Netherlands, he thought of doing “And We Said ‘I Do’ Again”. This involves the traditional church wedding wherein the “bride” will walk down the aisle with her parents and give the hands of the bride to the groom.

The tradition of my father walking me down the aisle is rooted in the idea that dad is passing his daughter off to her new life. Well, obviously, I’m already married so it’s not seen as appropriate. But this is what I want!!! Since I’m my father’s only daughter, I want him to fulfill his dreams of walking me down the aisle (along with my mom, ofcourse). Also, we want to keep it wedding like because although we had our wedding already, we didn’t do any traditions. It was just a plain civil ceremony inside a hall in Alkmaar.

Right now, we are busy looking for the”wedding venue” while I’m still in PH waiting for my residence permit from NL. We are trying to make it a small gathering but since we will do it in the Philippines it’s impossible to have less than 100guests affair. 😀 Anyway, this is a celebration of marriage so only those who are close to us (friends and relatives) will be invited.

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