Belgium: A Holy Pilgrimage for Beer lovers

This is what I noticed about Belgians, Europeans in general, and alcohol: they drink to enjoy it, not just to get drunk. They don’t use it as a tool to “somehow” forget their personal problems. It’s more of enjoyment and appreciation of the drink than getting wasted.

I only get the chance to drink 4 different beers out of the hundreds they have, but I’m proud to say that I survived drinking the strongest Belgian beer there is, the Duvel! Duvel is very strong, but doesn’t taste like it. It is smooth, full of flavor and still very refreshing. Duvel’ means “the devil” in Flemish, so it is definitely a beer than can creep up on you and steal your soul. ^_^ Alcohol content: 9%

Aside from Duvel, Jupiler is another famous Belgian beer that I’ve tasted. Simple but reliably tasty. This is the San Mig Light of Belgium.

I will make sure to go back here soon! I can’t believe that despite being the only country in the world with most number of Trappist breweries (six out of seven in the world), I haven’t had a lot of experience drinking beer here!



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