Has it been a year already?

Judging by the silence of my blog you can probably guess that busy work and mom life have taken over my time since my maternity leave ended. I am not even going to start with the cliché that time flies and babies get big too fast. It just does, and all parents know the feeling I guess. You look foward to the next step of your little one and you get sad at how quickly they grow at the same time.

Hmmm, where do I even begin. Well, first of all, It’s hard to believe that my precious son Luke has been here with us for 1 year already. Woooow! His birth feels like it was just yesterday, and I think back on it daily with such gratitude.

I was 40 weeks +5 days when he arrived. After all the pain, I felt very proud to have won over it with flying colors and bond with him right away. Most importantly, I was up on my feet after an hour and was able to shower and walk out of the hospital and go home. 🙂

I must say, being pregnant with a second child is an entirely different experience than being pregnant with a first.When you’re pregnant the first time, you get treated like a Queen. But for round two, you can forget about the special treatment. You can’t rest or stay off your feet and you don’t get any downtime or alone time, let alone time to pamper yourself. For baby #2, I’m no longer an innocent newbie – I’ve gone the battle once and I’m already an experienced soldier. And yes, I did it all over again.

With Haydee, I worried about literally everything I could think about. I worried about psychos, autism, bipolar disorder and other physical and mental disorders. For Luke, I only worried about sleep. I mean, well that’s not completely true because there’s no way to not worry about diseases or disorders or The Big Stuff, but for the most part, I mainly worried about how a second baby would fit into our family and how (and if) we would ever sleep again.
Finally, I am very happy to be pregnant and to have given birth in the Netherlands instead of the Philippines. Benefits include maternity leave from work that will start 4 weeks before due date and 8 weeks after birth and still receiving a full salary would be a dream for a lot of mothers in the Philippines.



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